photo credit: foxnews.

Before a white man did set his foot πŸ‘£ in Buganda way back. Our ancestors he found around had a way they differentiated months by name. November its self in particular was called musenene and the reason why, just continue reading. But what a white man did was to bring his version of calling months and named musenene November. So since then, we use November in referring to musenene. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. What I wanted to talk about was why our ancestors came to call this period musenene.

During and around this period. There is always an abrupt presences of grasshoppers know as Ensenene in the local dialect. So, whenever there was a mass migration of these insects from wherever they came from. Though some still speculate, that they come from the moon. Then, they could tell that the time of grasshoppers had come. This period also meant that there was going to be a change in diet. That’s to say, they would collect these insects and eat them as snacks. And of which we still do to date.

It’s from that our ancestors named this 11th month of the year after Ensenene to Musenene-meaning the period of grasshoppers. Now does it mean there are no grasshoppers seen in other months. Of course not but it’s in this month these insects are seen in much quantity and everywhere unlike in other months. So, if you ever in the country around this time for a business trip, tourism or visiting family πŸ‘ͺ members. Buy and bite some of these ensenene from any of the eat outs on the streets of Kampala. And if your stomach does dindi and danda worry not because we have some of the best doctors on this continent. Am kidding. Trust me, you will be fine 😊. Enjoy Ensenene.